we are a warm and loving place, which is designed to provide
the elderly in your family with necessary daily activities, full
meals, many hours of rest and fun entertainment.

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About us

Golden Smile Adult Day Care was founded 12 years ago by a mother and a daughter who had a dream to bring to the elderly community a daily activity center in the heart of Miami, that provides the highest level of care and a quality of life fostering the love, independence and well-being of our senior participants. Thanks to the support of those who joined us, our qualifies and trained staff, we were able to make this dream a reality.

Golden Smile Adult Day Care strive to provide the finest services every day like multiple Cognitive Exerciser, Silver Sneakers Exercise,"Word of God" Tuesday by our deacon, Craft Wednesday, "Rancho Alegre" Fridays with live music, $1 Bingo and its Hall of Fame, Monthly Excursions, among many other activities to meet our members needs.

Our mission

The main mission of Golden Smile Adult Day Care — to provide older people with a place where they are encouraged to maintain their independence and well-being. Here, our guests can enjoy a safe environment, participate in interesting activities and meet friendly faces.

Our mission is to preserve and foster the independence and physical wellbeing of our senior participants. Our dedicated team strives to provide the best possible service to meet the needs of every senior, especially those with special conditions such as memory loss, depression, chronic illness, and/or motor limitations.

Want to help your elderly loved ones make the most of their golden years? Call us today to learn more about our services.

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Golden Smile Adult Day Care is a warm and loving place dedicated to providing the senior citizens in your family with the daily activities needed, nutritional meals, many hours of relaxation, and joyful entertainment.

A diverse program

Over the years, Golden Smile Adult Day Care. has developed a comprehensive and diverse program to keep our seniors' bodies and minds stimulated. We offer a comforting and enriching experience every day through our:

  • Physical activities
  • Mental exercises with board games, like dominoes, bingo, etc.
  • Arts and crafts
  • Transportation
  • And much more

At our facility, our participants can also enjoy breakfasts, lunch and snacks, all prepared according to the Adult Food Program guidelines and verified by our nutritionist.

We can help with that too – just contact us today.

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Why Choose Us?

Maximum Independence

We encourage all our guests’ independence.

A Supportive Environment

With our peaceful and friendly setting, we want your senior to feel at home.


We carry out door-to-door transportation from the mass house to the center and back



Over the years. Has developed a comprehensive and diverse program to keep our seniors' bodies and minds stimulated. We offer a comforting and enriching experience every day through our:

Jake Kacher

I visit the place regularly, always impressed how clean and bright the place is, the proprietors take great care of their charges, there are games, concerts, food, library, computers. What really impressed me was that they seem to know each person's family, life story, doctors, interests, etc.

carolina Bolanos

Omg i love this place , it’s so beautiful and funny , my birthdays always are here !!!

David Ettinger

They take very good care of their clients and are very creative and fun. I recommend them all the time.

Leonides Prieto

Lo visito por trabajo


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